Ethics of healthcare robotics

Subtitle:Towards responsible research and innovation
Authors/others:Stahl, Bernd Carsten (De Montfort University); Coeckelbergh, Mark
Abstract:How can we best identify, understand, and deal with ethical and societal issues raised by healthcare robotics? This paper argues that next to ethical analysis, classic technology assessment, and philosophical speculation we need forms of reflection, dialogue, and experiment that come, quite literally, much closer to innovation practices and contexts of use. The authors discuss a number of ways how to achieve that. Informed by their experience with “embedded” ethics in technical projects and with various tools and methods of responsible research and innovation, the paper identifies “internal” and “external” forms of dialogical research and innovation, reflections on the possibilities and limitations of these forms of ethical–technological innovation, and explores a number of ways how they can be supported by policy at national and supranational level.
Number of pages:10
Date of publication:12.2016
Journal title:Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Peer reviewed:true
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Publication Type:Article