The art of living with ICTs

Subtitle:The ethics-aesthetics of vulnerability coping and its implications for understanding and evaluating ICT cultures
Authors/others:Coeckelbergh, Mark (De Montfort University)

This essay shows that a sharp distinction between ethics and aesthetics is unfruitful for thinking about how to live well with technologies, and in particular for understanding and evaluating how we cope with human existential vulnerability, which is crucially mediated by the development and use of technologies such as electronic ICTs. It is argued that vulnerability coping is a matter of ethics and art: it requires developing a kind of art and techne in the sense that it always involves technologies and specific styles of experiencing and dealing with vulnerability, which depend on social and cultural context. It is suggested that we try to find better, perhaps less modern styles of coping with our vulnerability, recognize limits to our attempts to “design” our new forms, and explore what kinds of technologies we need for this project.

Date of publication:6.2017
Journal title:Foundations of Science
Peer reviewed:true
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Publication Type:Article