Talks: Mark Coeckelbergh

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Coeckelbergh, Mark Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Technology; 13.3.2017.
Coeckelbergh, Mark What is a relational ethics?; 11.11.2016.
Coeckelbergh, Mark The Poetics of Innovation; 28.6.2016.
Coeckelbergh, Mark The Language of Technology; 10.5.2017.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Technology Games and Forms of Life; 13.3.2017.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Technology games; 12.6.2017.
Coeckelbergh, Mark; Vallor, Shannon; Verbeek, Peter-Paul; Fritzsche, Albrecht; Schwarz, Astrid; Gessmann, Martin Round Table : Book Discussion “Philosophy of Technology after the Empirical Turn: Perspectives on Research in the Philosophy of Technology in the Next Decade ”; 17.7.2017.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Romantic Cyborgs; 8.9.2017.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Robots: Which are the ethical dilemmas?; 10.11.2017.
Coeckelbergh, M.; Funk, M.; Loh, J.; Seibt, J.; Nørskov, M. Robophilosophy 2018 / TRANSOR 2018; 14.2.2018-17.2.2018.
Sattarov, Faridun; Coeckelbergh, Mark Prejudiced algorithms? Some arguments about algorithmic power and bias; 8.6.2017.
Hannibal, Glenda; Coeckelbergh, Mark; Pfadenhauer, Michaela Networking workshop “Appropriation of Socially Interactive Systems”; 13.10.2017.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Moving Machines; 1.2.2016.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Mitglied des Robotik-Rates; 24.8.2017-2021.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Member of the Technical Expertise Committee; 11.2016-.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Machine Ethics in Health Care; 2.5.2016.
Coeckelbergh, Mark Jaana Parviainen; 17.10.2017-19.10.2017.