Upcoming talks

Past talks

  • Deborah G. Johnson (University of Virginia) & Mario Verdicchio (University of Bergamo)
    "Ethics + AI ≠ Ethical AI. The Additivity Fallacy" (held online) ◊ Jointly Organized with FoNTI
  • Robert Sparrow (Monash University) - Why machines cannot be moral (held online) ◊ Jointly Organized with FoNTI
  • Sven Nyholm (Utrecht University) - A Vice/Virtue Asymmetry in the Ethics of Human-Robot Interaction (held online) ◊ Jointly Organized with FoNTI
  • Atoosa Kasirzadeh (Australian National University) - Reasons, Values, Stakeholders: A Philosophical Framework for Explainable Artificial Intelligence (held online) ◊ Organized by FoNTI members of PhilTech
  • David Gunkel (Northern Illinois University) - The Right(s) Question: Can and Should Robots have Rights? (held online) ◊ Jointly Organized with FoNTI