Publications: Janina Sombetzki

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Coeckelbergh, M., & Loh, J. (2020). Transformations of Responsibility in the Age of Automation: Being Answerable to Human and Non-Human Others. In B. Beck, & M. Kühler (Eds.), Technology, Anthropology, and Dimensions of Responsibility (pp. 7-22). J. B. Metzler.

Loh, J., & Coeckelbergh, M. (Eds.) (2019). Feminist Philosophy of Technology. Stuttgart: J. B. Metzler.

Coeckelbergh, M., Loh, J., Funk, M., Seibt, J., & Nørskov, M. (Eds.) (2018). Envisioning Robots in Society: Power, Politics, and Public Space. (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications; Vol. 311). Amsterdam: IOS Press.

Loh, J. (2018). On building responsible robots. In A. Karafillidis, & R. Weidner (Eds.), Developing Support Technologies: Integrating Multiple Perspectives to Create Assistance that People Really Want (pp. 101-108). (Biosystems and Biorobotics; Vol. 23). Springer International Publishing AG .

Showing entries 0 - 7 out of 41