Laura Fichtner

Picture source: TU Delft

Visiting PhD studend

We are happy to welcome Laura Fichtner as visiting PhD student in April and May 2017.

Laura Fichtner is an interdisciplinary PhD researcher in security and surveillance studies with a special interest in information technologies and the Internet. She is a trained engineer, philosopher and ethicist with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society from the University of Twente. Currently based at TU Delft (Netherlands) Laura Fichtner works on the politics of and around cybersecurity, the relationship between cybersecurity, privacy, surveillance and political structures and on infrastructure governance.

This information was retrieved from Fichtner's profile at TU Delft.

Katleen Gabriels

Picture: private

Research Fellow (PostDoc)

We are happy to welcome Katleen Gabriels as visiting PostDoc researcher in December 2016.

Katleen Gabriels is based at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher on the FWO-project Technical vs. moral proximity: The 'hidden morality' of 'continuous connectivity'. Her focus is on the ethical aspects of Internet of Things (IoT) and on the virtualization of moral relations. She is also a member of the Centre for Ethics and Humanism (EtHu).

After finishing her master's degrees in Germican Philology (KULeuven, 2005) and Moral Sciences (UGent, 2009), Katleen Gabriels obtained a PhD degree in Philosophy and Moral Sciences (VUB, 2014). Her PhD thesis, titled Who's afraid of virtuality? On the moral status of social virtual worlds: The case of Second Life, discusses everyday virtual moral life and combines a moral philosophical basis with an empirical study on moral practices in social virtual worlds.

Most recently, Katleen Gabriels published her book Onlife. Hoe de digitale wereld je leven bepaalt, which deals with the ethical implications of digitization and datafication. 


This information was retrieved from Gabriels' profile at ResearchGate as well as her description at the VUB-homepage.

Wessel Reijers

Picture source: Wessel Reijers

Visiting PhD student

We are happy to welcome Wessel Reijers as visiting PhD student during winter term 2016/17. He was granted an Ernst Mach scholarship from September to November 2016.

Wessel Reijers is a PhD researcher in Ethics of Digital Content Technologies at the ADAPT Centre, Dublin. He completed his Master studies in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society cum laude at the University of Twente. Reijers' interests lie in the intersection of philosophy and technologies that influence human life world, especially if the economic sphere is touched. For instance he discusses the moral and political impacts of algorithmic trading and digital currencies.

Detailed information about Reijers' research is to be found on his LinkedIn profile.