Janina Loh (née Sombetzki)



Dr. Janina Loh started her PostDoc positition at the University of Vienna in April 2016. Previously she has worked as a researcher at the chair of Practical Philosophy, led by Prof. Dr. Ludger Heidbrink, at the CAU Kiel (2013 - 2016).

Loh wrote her dissertation (2009 - 2013) on the issue of responsibility - Verantwortung als Begriff, Fähigkeit, Aufgabe. Eine Drei-Ebenen-Analyse (Springer 2014) -, supervised by Prof. Dr. Volker Gerhardt and Prof. Dr. Rahel Jaeggi. She recently published the Handbuch Verantwortung (Springer 2017), edited together with Prof. Dr. Ludger Heidbrink and PD Dr. Claus Langbehn.

In Vienna, Loh teaches in the fields of philosophy of technology and media and critical anthropology. She habilitates on the Posthumanist Elements in Hannah Arendt's Thinking and Work (working title). Loh's main research interests lie in the field of trans- and posthumanism. She has recently written papers on a posthumanist anthropology between man and machine. In combining her interests in philosophy of technology and critical philosophical anthropology, her approach intends a critical perspective on the traditional philosophical-anthropological thinking insofar as it abandons the vision of an essentialist defined human (or any other being's) nature. In transcending dualisms and categories of species and beings her approach rejects an anthropocentric perspective and by this is thought as a posthumanist approach in the tradition of Donna Haraway, Karen Barad, Cary Wolfe, Bruno Latour, and others.

Currently, Loh writes an Introduction to Trans- and Posthumanism (to be published at Junius in 2018). She published several articles on robot ethics and is currently working on a Compendium on Robot Ethics, edited together with Prof. Catrin Misselhorn and Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh (to be published at Metzler in 2019). Loh is still interested in the issue of responsibility – now especially in the field of technology, man-machine-interaction, big data, hybrid systems, and new media – and elaborates on a concept of responsibility networks. She also is about to publish her master thesis on The Concept of Responsibility in the Work of Hannah Arendt (to be published in the Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte, Band 58).

Detailled information with regards to her research and publications is to be found on her academia.edu profile.