Research Group "Philosophy of Media and Technology"

Research group Philosophy of Media and Technology (group picture and portraits by courtesy of Nana Thurner).

The current Chair and research group “Philosophy of Media and Technology” started in 2015 and is located at the Department of Philosophy, which belongs to the Faculty of Philosophy and Education at the University of Vienna.

Currently, members of the group include (from left to right): organizational assistant Agnes Buchberger (on maternity leave), PraeDoc researcher Michael Funk, BA MA, tutor Flora Löffelmann, PhD candidate Peter Rantaša, student assistant Karoline Paier, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh and Dr. Janina Loh (PostDoc). Not pictured: PraeDoc Laura Crompton, PraeDoc Arzu Gökmen and organizational assistant Zachary Storms.