Leonie Bossert


Leonie N. Bossert is an ethicist and political philosopher, working on the intersection of technology and environmental ethics and philosophy, with a focus on the normativity of sustainable AI, theories of interspecies and intergenerational justice, and AI’s impact on the nonhuman world. She is a member of the German Committee Future Earth, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at University of Bielefeld, the Young Academy of the Heidelberger Academy of Sciences and Humanities and an associate member of the Center for Environmental and Technology Ethics Prague.

Before joining the Philosophy of Media and Technology group, Leonie worked as a Akademische Rätin at the International Center for Ethics in the Science and Humanities at the University of Tübingen, and as a lecturer at various universities and universities of applied sciences. In fall 2022, she was a guest researcher at the Princeton University Center for Human Values.

Leonie studied landscape ecology and nature conservation (Diploma), as well as philosophy at the Universities of Greifswald and Copenhagen. She received her PhD in bioethics from the University of Tübingen in 2021 with a thesis on the development of an animal-ethical theory of sustainable development, which was awarded two prizes.

Detailed information, including a complete list of publications, can be found on Leonie’s website.