Erich Prem


Erich Prem is a computer scientist, AI expert, and philosopher. For more than two decades he worked in international research and innovation strategy and RTDI policy. He received his Dr. phil. (epistemology) from the University of Vienna and his Dr. tech. (computer science, AI)  from TU Vienna. Erich is also a certified managerial economist who received his MBA in General Management from Donau University. His research interests include artificial intelligence, embodied AI, research politics, innovation research, AI ethics, and epistemology. Currently he works on ethical and epistemological questions of AI.

Erich was a researcher at the Austrian Research Institute of AI (OFAI) and a guest researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a lecturer at TU Vienna’s Informatics Innovation Center and teaches Digital Humanism ( at TU Vienna. Erich is a frequent coordinator of EU projects, an evaluator of RTD projects for the European Commission and an experienced programme manager. He also has a consultancy company for strategic RTDI management: eutema (

In his free time, Erich plays the piano. More information and links to recent publications are available on his homepage