Researchers at the Chair of Philosophy of Media and Technology are currently working on a broad variety topics related to the following subdisciplines and approaches…

  • philosophy of technology, including philosophy of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence

  • ethics: virtue ethics, ethics of technology, ethics of robotics, ethics of information technology, computer ethics, health care ethics, environmental ethics, animal ethics, responsible innovation and ethics assessment, etc.

  • philosophy of sciences

  • environmental philosophy

  • moral philosophy

  • epistemology

  • philosophical anthropology

  • philosophy of language

  • phenomenology and hermeneutics

  • narrative philosophy


and themes, for example:

  • robotics and artificial intelligence

  • posthumanism and transhumanism

  • art and technology, aesthetics

  • technology and language

  • responsibility


More information on publications can be found on the websites of the members of the group, e.g. here.