Leonie Möck


Leonie Möck (state examination/MA in philosophy and German literature, University of Freiburg) is a doctoral candidate at the University of Vienna, under the supervision of Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh. In her research, she is interested in the epistemic potential of metaphors in technology and science and focuses on a hermeneutic analysis of prediction in the context of Artificial Intelligence.

Leonie’s areas of interest include the history and philosophy of AI, algorithmic accountability, future studies, metaphor and narrative theory, phenomenological anthropology, critical posthumanism and new materialism. She has published on the anthropological legitimacy of human enhancement in transhumanism and technological posthumanism.

Before joining the Philosophy of Media and Technology group, Leonie worked as a research member in two interdisciplinary research projects on the media representation of responsibility in the automation debate (MARA) and the ethics of autonomous driving (EMERGENCY-VRD).

Email: leonie.moeck@univie.ac.at