Call for Abstracts: Anthology Feminist Philosophy of Technology

Dr. Janina Loh and Univ. Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh have announced a call for Feminist Technology of Philosophy abstracts. Deadline for submission: January 31st.

Call for Abstracts: Anthology Feminist Philosophy of Technology

Editors: Dr. Janina Loh, Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh

Publisher: J.B. Metzler; 2nd publication in the new book series Techno:Phil – Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Technikphilosophie (ed. Birgit Beck, Bruno Gransche, Jen-Hendrik Heinrichs, Janina Loh)


There has been little attention to feminism and gender issues in mainstream philosophy of technology and vice versa: many feminists have focused on societal matters and relationships, without taking into account how technics (i.e. technologies and techniques) shape those societies and relationships.

However, since the beginning of the so-called »second wave feminism« (in the middle of the 20th century), there has been a growing awareness of the urgency of a critical reflection of technology and science within feminist discourse. But feminist thinkers have not consistently interpreted technology and science as emancipative and liberating for the feminist movement. At the same time, many feminists criticized the structures of dominance, marginalization and oppression inherent in numerous technologies. Because technological development is mostly embedded in social, political, and economic systems that are patriarchally hierarchized. Therefore, the question of defining and ascribing responsibility in technics and science is also essential for this anthology – regarding for instance the technological transformation of labor, the life in the information society, and the relationship between humans and machines.

Critical posthumanism, new feminist materialism, xeno-, techno-, and cyberfeminism define promising examples for a reformulation of known challenges (such as essentialism and relativism) and a transformation of hypostatized perspectives on traditional dichotomies (such as woman/man and nature/culture).

We welcome submissions on any of – but not limited to – the following issues:

o   critical posthumanism,

o   new materialist feminism,

o   feminist philosophy of technology,

o   technofeminism,

o   cyberfeminism,

o   xenofeminism,

o   human-machine-interaction,

o   relationships with machines,

o   sexrobotics,

o   feminist technologies,

o   AI and gender,

o   the future of work (industry 4.0, automatization, digitalization),

o   feminism, critical theory, and technics,

o   women, technics, and education,

o   feminist perspectives on politics and science,

o   queer theory and technology,

o   feminist critical analyses of technology,

o   health technologies and feminism,

o   women, technics, and arts.

Please submit abstracts up to 500 words to, by January 31.

Acceptance notifications will be sent out by February 15.

The full paper (8.000 words/52.000 characters) is due on March 31.