Laura Crompton


Laura Crompton started her PhD at the University of Vienna in March 2019. She is currently working within the framework of the FWF funded project FoNTI (Forms of Normativity - Transitions and Intersections). Her work centres around the question to what extent and how AI has an influence on human agents, and how this influence can be evaluated. Her supervisors are Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh and Prof. Hans Bernhard Schmid.

Laura’s interest in Philosophy of Technology and Robot Ethics started very early in her bachelor’s degree, when she started working on the EU project RoboLaw in 2013 as a research assistant. Ever since, she has shown a growing interest in the dynamics of human agents interacting with technology. She has already held talks on Robot Ethics and Phronesis, Ethics of Human Enhancement, and Ethics of AI. Within her PhD, Laura has now set her focus on human-AI interaction.