Publications: Michael Funk

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Funk, M. (2018). Paleoanthropology and Social Robotics. In J. Aagaard (Ed.), Postphenomenological Methodologies: New Ways in Mediating Techno-Human Relationships (pp. 125-149). Lexington Books, a Division of Rowman&Littlefield Publishers.

Funk, M. (2018). Synaesthesia and Creativiy: An Epistemic Comparison and a Wittgensteinian Outlook. In ACTAS DEL “VI CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE SINESTESIA, CIENCIA Y ARTE + ACTIVIDADES PARALELAS 2018” (pp. 165-170). Fundación Internacional Artecittà.

Funk, M., Seibt, J., & Coeckelbergh, M. (2018). Why Do/Should We Build Robots? Summary of a Plenary Discussion Session. In M. Coeckelbergh, J. Loh, M. Funk, J. Seibt, & M. Nørskov (Eds.), Envisioning Robots in Society: Power, Politics, and Public Space (pp. 369 - 384). IOS Press.

Funk, M., Leuteritz, S., & Irrgang, B. (Eds.) (2017). Cyberwar @ Drohnenkrieg: Neue Kriegstechnologien philosophisch betrachtet. Königshausen & Neumann.

Showing entries 15 - 21 out of 47